Permanent make-up for eyebrows of beautiful woman with thick brows in beauty salon. Closeup beautician doing  tattooing eyebrow.

How To Choose The Right Microblading Artist For You

July 27, 2020

4 minute read

Is your timeline flooded with pictures of microblading? Do you want to jump in on the latest eyebrow craze but don’t know which artist to choose? Well, read on for a few tips on picking the perfect microblading artist for YOU!

Many people feel lost when starting the process of looking for a microblading artist because they don’t know the questions to ask or even where to get informed. Some key factors to consider are: location, environment/sanitation standards of the artist’s studio, quality of the microblading artist’s work, aftercare process and lastly, price.

Taking the time to choose an artist carefully is extremely important whether you are completely clueless about the process or have done some due diligence on your own already. Any artist you reach out to should be more than happy to answer all questions you may have or have this information readily available on their studio website. In fact, they should ENCOURAGE your questions because clients that ask questions are more likely to follow proper aftercare for optimal results. Take the time to set up a consultation with a few artists before you commit so that you can get a preview of what it will be like working with them throughout the microblading process.

Let’s look at a few additional items to consider during your consultation:


First things first…is your microblading artist even properly trained? Have they taken additional certifications such as Blood-Borne Pathogens or First-Aid? Many artists that perform microblading have not been professionally trained or they have had sub-par training from one day courses or worse, YouTube or Instagram University! You can not be a proper microblading artist in a day, matter of days or from watching videos of others performing the work with no formal training. Proper training ensures that your artist knows how to perform microblading safely and correctly. Ask your artist what training/certifications they have obtained, where they received their training and how long was the training they received as well as any ongoing training. 1 day courses without post-course work is a big no-no! Make sure that the training is extensive and from a reputable organization.


Is your artist’s studio licensed to perform microblading? Or are they working out of their home or unlicensed studio? Both are big NO NO’s! Are they licensed in their county (or state) to perform microblading procedures? Being licensed to perform microblading and being certified as a microblading artist are two SEPARATE things.

Sanitation & Tools

Does your potential artist use disposable tools or autoclave their tools after each use? What does their aftercare consist of? What types of pigments do they use and where do these pigments originate from? Remember, this pigment is being implanted into your skin so you want to know where the pigment is being made.


Is your artist protected? Do they require medical history forms and waivers to be filled out prior to your session? You want to make sure that your artist is insured! You will be surprised by how many artists perform microblading without proper insurance! This ensures that if something goes wrong during your session, you are covered. Your artist should ask you a ton of questions about your health and fully cover before and after care with you (along with a written copy of your aftercare).

Portfolio of Work

Where can you see your artist’s before, after and healed work? Many after pictures of microblading looks amazing but the true test are the healed pictures where you can see if the strokes have blended or disappeared from improper pigment implantation. Make sure the clients works on various types of brows, skin tones and that all of the after results do not look exactly the same. We all have different brow shapes and your artist should choose a style that is best for YOU, Not cookie cutter. Ask others about their experience with the artist if you know of anyone that has received microblading from the artist prior. This is the best way to find out the truth about working with your potential artists!

Microblading can be an amazing experience if done by a properly trained artist. Once again, schedule a few consultations, ask questions and most importantly, make sure that you feel comfortable with the artist you select to transform your brows!