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All In One Client & Booking Management

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CozTat is the platform where premiere cosmetic tattoo artists can get discovered and where clients can find the best in the industry. Artists build your business through CozTat while saving valuable time and money. This is the place where the elite go to showcase their work. Clients rest assure that before you go just anywhere that you make sure that your artist is part of the CozTat community. This is the place where you as the client can see pictures, read reviews, chat with your artist, get prices, and most importantly verify credentials. The CozTat app bridges the gap between artist and client relations.

Connect With You Coztat Artist

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  • Accept Payments via credit card
  • Calendar View, Daily And Weekly
  • Client Management (Unlimited Number of Clients)
  • Offer tons of Services (Categories, Services, Cost Duration)
  • Projects Revenue
  • Sms Notification
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For Beauty Pros

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Get Discovered by Clients wanting your services

Reduce no shows with reminders

Client Management (unlimited number of clients)

firm, decline, reschedule appointme

Accept online payments

Showcase your work

Block Out specific dates

Activity Report

Free App for all of your clients

For Clients

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Find the Best Cosmetic Tattoo Artist

Easy Scheduling

Verify Artist Credentials

Get Automated Appointment Reminder

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Available for android & ios

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